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5 Rules To Always Follow For Healthy Hair

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Hair needs quality care just as other parts of our body. Would you wake up in the morning to prepare for the day’s activities and refuse to brush your teeth and freshen up? Surely not! You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself out there by giving people the impression that you lack good hygiene. In the same way, your hair gives people the impression of how well you take care of yourself. Read on this article for the five rules which everyone should follow for healthy hair.

  1. Eat healthy food for proper hair growth. Food is not merely for filling the belly to prevent starvation, but it also aids in proper development of the entire body. Healthy meals as well as adequate amounts of water will help you keep your hair.
  2. Have regular haircuts. Make sure that your hair is not overgrown and making you look shabby. Regular haircuts can prevent breakages and split ends. Besides, a fresh haircut always gives you a  more appealing look to others.
  3. Do deep conditioning every week. This therapy is sanctioned by hairstylists and dermatologists. Doing deep conditioning on your hair gives it extra hydration, and it is one of the routines to follow for a healthy hair.
  4. Use heat protection. When you want to style your hair, it is advisable to use a heat protectant so that your hair will not become dry and brittle.
  5. Take note of your hair type. When caring for your hair, it is good to note your hair type. If you have never thought of that, you’d better start off right now!


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  •  For straight hair: Comb it with a small tooth comb daily to make sure that the sebum is distributed to the end of the shaft; also wash it every other day. Style by using hair spray and a blow dryer.
  • For curly hair: Wash with shampoo once or twice a week. Keep the hair smooth by using deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week. In styling, use a heat protection spray before using a diffuser.
  • For wavy hair: You may wash your hair two to three times in a week, and as well use dry shampoo. Do not forget to use a deep conditioner. You may leave the hair naturally or style it to your own choice whether coiling, curing, or straightening.
  • For coiling hair: Using cleansing conditioning, wash your hair once a week, and use oil like extra virgin coconut or jojoba oil on it. You can style it by making it into a bun, braid it or leave it natural.



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