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Best Vegetarian Foods For Iron Intake

Heap Of Raisins

People practice vegetarianism for very different reasons. For some, it is the choice and preferences in foods; for others it is a necessity and a part of certain beliefs. Whatever the reason is, any vegetarian should mind that they get enough iron, which is an essential element for blood production and body development. Here we suggest a list of some of the best vegetarian foods with the most iron:

  1. Lentils. This is an annual plant that belongs in the legume family. Lentils are not only rich in iron, but they also contain sufficient amounts of protein and vitamins for body development. They are easy to cook and also great in stews and soups.
  2. Nuts. You may want to consider nuts and some seeds as part of your diet. Anything from the list of cashew nuts, almonds, hazel nuts, chestnuts and similar nuts, as well as seeds like pumpkin seeds, Chia, sesame, flax, and nucule. These are all great, edible, and iron-rich as well!
  3. Plantain. Just like bananas, plantain also belongs to the Musaceae family. Plantain contains some minerals like iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, plus other vital nutrients. It is important that a good deal of iron can be received from the plantain in its UNRIPE form. You may eat it with stew or get it in its snack form — that is, Plantain chips.
  4. Raisins. One of the best vegetarian foods for iron is raisins. This dried fruit contains large amount of this element. A handful of raisins can be added to numerous meals, including oatmeal, yogurts, and baked goods. Other dried fruits like dried peaches are also great for adding iron to your diet.
  5. Whole grains. There are lots of health benefits in consuming whole grains. The description ‘whole’ simply means that the grains have not been processed; hence, antioxidants, fibers, and other minerals, including iron, are still present in their nearly intact form. With all these nutrients, whole grains are definitely one of the best iron-rich vegetarian foods. They are known to increase longevity, reduce risk of obesity, and reduce the risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.
  6. Coconut milk. This is not to be confused with coconut water. The water is found within the coconut, while the milk is produced from grated coconut meat that is soaked in a measured quantity of water.
  7. Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has up to 3.3mg (28 grams) of iron per ounce. It is famous for its antioxidant properties as well.
  8. Green veggies. Green vegetables, such as collard, Swiss-chard, and spinach are great for the best vegetarian diets rich in iron. You may want to consume other green cruciferous veggies like cabbage or broccoli as well.
  9. Tomato. This veggie contains relatively small amounts of iron in its raw form; however, in its dried and concentrated form, higher amounts of iron are observed.
  10. Mushrooms. You may want to try out white mushrooms or oyster mushrooms for a diet rich in iron. Nutrition facts reveal that a cup of cooked white mushroom contains about 2.7 mg of iron.

By improving your diet with iron-rich foods, you prevent numerous unwelcome health issues, especially those related to your blood. Make sure your meals are varied and iron-rich, and you’ll stay away from doctors for many years!




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