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How Does Poor Sleep Affect Our Ability To Learn And Perform?

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Have you ever woken up in the morning with a slight headache and wonder ‘why?’ You knew you weren’t sick the previous day. In many cases, the headache is accompanied by feelings of tiredness and fatigue. For everyone, these situations do occur when we play the night owl by staying up late, watching interesting movies or working in order to meet a deadline. This behavior, of course, is capable of having its toll on our daily activities as we may not be fit or agile as we ought to because we have overstressed ourselves. Meanwhile, disrupted and poor sleep is said to affect our health considerably, and below you’ll find the areas of biggest concern.


1. Poor sleep blocks the brain’s ability to learn

In one study, it was found out that those who’ve had their sleep tampered had difficulty in keeping focus during the day. They may appear to perform well at first, but later in the day, they would make mistakes and show signs of reduced cognitive sharpness, unlike those who had normal sleep.


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2. Negative effect on the central nervous system

One of the ways in which poor sleep affects our ability to learn is by causing malfunction to the central nervous system, causing impatience and mood swings. Decision-making processes may be compromised, and other risks may include hallucination, paranoia, depression, and suicidal thoughts.


3. Weakened Immune system

When the immune system is weak, it means that your body overall is weak. If this happens, your brain power, including the ability to learn, decreases. Poor sleep can greatly induce weakness in the body because certain substances, like cytokines, which fight infections, can only be produced during sleep. Diseases like heart disease or diabetes can also develop due to constant sleep deprivation.


4. Poor balance

Your balancing when walking may be affected when you deprive yourself of quality sleep, coupled with to deep fatigue of the body. Body aches are not at all a passage or aid to learn new things.

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