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The Health Benefits Of Rose Hips

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Rose hips are one of those beneficial plants that many people don’t actually know what they are. When asked about them, many will say that they of course know about rose hips, but they don’t actually know what rose hips are. In fact, rose hips do come from the rose plant but they can be considered a fruit, or a pseudofruit I should say. The rose hip is the small bud at the base of the rose flower that holds the seeds for that plant and that bud is completely edible as well as having many beneficial effects on the human body. The rose hip has been traditionally used in many kinds of medicine and for many different reasons.

As research advances, rose hip has become one of the topics of discussion among scientists, particularly for its seeming benefits for those with osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity-related issues, arthritis and for stretch marks. Rose hips are also have a high amount of Vitamin C, although the drying and processing of the rose hips usually means that much of the Vitamin C is lost and replaced with synthetic Vitamin C in commercial products. Other compounds present in rose hips include lycopene, beta-carotene, fiber, rubixanthin, zeaxanthin, the galactolipid GOPO and many other amino acids, essential oils, fatty acids, pectins, tannins and tocopherols. While many of the uses for rose hips have not been scientifically proven with research yet, traditional medicine has relied on the plant for many of the below ailments with varying degrees of success.


1. Osteoporosis

Rose hips degrade fairly quickly during processing and thus it has been quite difficult to create a product that actually will deliver on the many nutritional benefits of rose hips. One Danish company, Hyben-Vital, has managed to do so and their rose hip powder is the first in the world to be tested and proven to help with osteoporosis and joint mobility in clinical studies. Taking the product orally 3-4 times per day showed to help reduce pain and stiffness and improve function in people with osteoporosis. The anti-inflammatory properties of rosehips might be one reason why this plant is so helpful in dealing with osteoporosis.


2. Obesity

The scientific jury is still out on this one, but many others are touting rose hips as a way to help deal with obesity. Some research seems to state that it would be helpful for those that are obese to take rose hips and help them while other studies state that rose hips had no effect on obesity rates in their subjects. To be fair, the studies that found rose hips to be helpful were done with pre-obese patients while those that were not successful were conducted with already obese patients.


3. Immunity

The Vitamin C content in rose hips is thought to be a real immune booster when it comes to helping prevent colds and the flu. Vitamin C has been touted as “essential to stimulate the immune system by increasing strength and protection of the organism,” according to one 2014 study. To get the most benefits of rose hips and its potent Vitamin C, make sure to take organic rose hip supplements and ones that haven’t been sitting on the shelf for a long time as Vitamin C degrades with time in a product.

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